Friday, March 30, 2007

Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts interviews Spike Lee

The first online version of ASNE’s The American Editor will feature an interview of Spike Lee, the 2007 convention's closing luncheon speaker, by Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts Jr.

Lee came to ASNE to discuss his documentary, "When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts", about the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. Lee and three guest panelists, residents of New Orleans affected by Katrina, appealed to journalists not to let the story of Katrina die.

Pitts interviewed Lee in 1994 for the release of “Crooklyn”. Pitts said that he is a fan of Lee’s work, particularly of the 1989 film, “Do the Right Thing”.

“I like Spike Lee, I haven’t liked all his movies, but I like Spike Lee,” Pitts said.
Pitts also said he appreciated the themes present in Lee’s 2000 film, “Bamboozled”.

“I loved what Spike was trying to say, … about how we as African Americans play ourselves in terms of our own image in entertainment media.”

Pitts -- a Miami Herald columnist, author, and professor -- is sure to do justice to Lee’s message with his interview. Pitts says he has always had a passion for words.

Pitts won a Pulitzer Prize in 2004 for his commentary on Sept 11.

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