Thursday, March 29, 2007

Arianna waxes digital, proposes a journalistic threesome

Uber-blogger, editrix and former California gubernatorial hopeful Arianna Huffington was on a roll Thursday, when she was a panelist for the “Lessons from the Digital Revolution” session.

In her distinctive Greek accent, Huffington put forth on racy topics from promiscuity to ADD.

On comparisons between online and print: “The debate about is it online or is it print is so obsolete to me. It’s like the old bar-room argument: Ginger vs. Maryann. Let’s have a three-way.”

On Huffington Post staff: “It’s young in spirit. I mean, I’m clearly not young. My partner (co-founder Kenneth Lerer) and I are in our 50’s. It’s not a matter of chronological age but how young their spirit is.”

Huffington also said blogs have obsessive compulsive disorder (they compulsively analyze news) while the mainstream media has attention deficit disorder (they get distracted quickly by other stories and abandon current ones).

- By Tiffany Hsu / ASNE Reporter

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