Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More free stuff: What to read on the plane ride home

If you're not already completely saturated by all of the information swirling around the ASNE conferences, meetings and luncheons, head down to the ballroom level.

The long tables at the far end of the floor are stacked high with literature and reports for you to mull over on your plane rides back to real life.

Here is a guide to some of the more interesting highlights:

1. Check out the folders of comic strips by Terri Libenson and John Hambrock. Maybe you'll find Boondocks or Calvin & Hobbes.

2. Grab one of the folders. The Web site is an invaluable resource for following state political writing nationwide.

3. The Project for Excellence in Journalism's "The State of the News Media: An Annual Report on American Journalism" is full of intriguing media-related tidbits. And, amazingly enough, the information in the packet isn't all bad news. For instance, did you know that "66% of those who follow political news prefer newspapers"? That's good news for all you ink-stained editors out there.

4. Check out Harvard University's "Nieman Reports" and "American Journalism Review," which is based out of the University of Maryland. These are essential reading for any serious journalists who want to stay on the up-and-up about industry goings-on.

5. Need somewhere to stash all of your loot? Get a free "Diversity is News"-emblazoned Maynard Institute bag.


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