Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Find out what's in the swag bag

We just snagged the ASNE convention bag that everyone here is sporting. Jealous?

Inside the made-in-China Leed's tote, we found a copy of keynote speaker Spike Lee's four-hour documentary on Hurricane Katrina. This DVD of "When the Levees Broke" includes a 105-minute epilogue. The last time we read an epilogue was in our 19th-century American novel class. But don't worry, Shelton, we'll watch it before you get here this Friday.

The swag included a self-help guide on "how to help your newsroom get where it wants to go faster" compiled by ASNE and other organizations, as well as a CD chockful of "Featurettes," the top 100 stories from … PR departments.

Other booty: glossies from Reuters and Tribune Media Services, profiles of editors jockeying to get on the Board, and a list of the other conventioneers, so you can find out where to network your way into a new job.


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